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Understanding the Basics of Your HVAC System

Knowing the basics of how HVAC systems work can give homeowners a greater appreciation for their system, inform them as to maintenance tasks they should be performing, help them diagnose problems, and communicate with technicians. Types of HVAC Systems There are several types of heating and air conditioning systems in modern homes. In climates that

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The Latest Advancements in HVAC Home Comfort

Every industry undergoes changes from time to time. As new technologies are discovered and developed, it takes time for those new technologies to hit the mainstream and be accepted for everyday use as the new industry-standard. In the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), there are a number of technologies on the horizon

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Beautify Your Outdoor Space: How to Conceal Your Outdoor AC Unit

Your HVAC system is an amazing invention. It keeps you cool in summer and warm when the weather starts to cool down. Though your HVAC system is crucial to maintaining home comfort for you and your family, it is not exactly the most attractive piece of machinery. To improve the look of your home’s exterior, try concealing

Home Comfort

The Importance of Home Comfort for Everyone in Your Family

  Home is much more than just a shelter, it is also a place where we can feel secure and comfortable. We spend so much time in our homes that home comfort becomes more than just a luxury, but a necessity. Your indoor environment is an important part of creating a comfortable home environment for

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Some of the Best: Bay Areas 4th of July Events

Schmitt Heating & Air Conditioning has witnessed a lot of 4th of July celebrations over the years. What doesn’t change about Independence Day is the people celebrating and our wish for you to have a happy and safe holiday! We’ve put together a short list of some fun things to do around the Bay Area.

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Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless HVAC systems are nothing new. Ductless heat pumps have been a ubiquitous feature on apartment windows for decades. What is new is using them for whole house heating and the technology involved with that. Using a ductless system for your home provides several benefits over a traditional forced-air system. Going Ductless Homeowners have long

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Typical Central Heating Costs

Initial Costs and Extras If you’re purchasing a new home or remodeling from a tear-down, the initial cost for a central gas furnace, or heat pumps, can be 10,000-20,000 dollars, with high efficiency models being slightly more expensive. The large range takes into account heating models purchased, number of registers, and system complexity. Being able

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Humidifiers Help Achieve Balance And Improve Indoor Air Quality

Humidity plays a role in the development and treatment of allergies. Though your home’s humidity level can range from 0 to more than 100 percent, the range for indoor environments tends to fall between 20 and 70 percent. Lower humidity improves indoor air quality, but higher humidity is better for the throat and nasal passages.

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Commercial Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Like any commercial appliance, heat pumps sometimes have mechanical issues. Below are troubleshooting ideas for some of the more common problems. Heat Pump Icing Up If the top of your unit has a lot of ice, if ice is incasing the coils, or if the whole unit has a thick sheet of ice and snow


4 Major Reason HVAC Systems Breakdown

These are the 4 most common reason’s your HVAC system breakdown, it normally happens when you least expect it and even some times can’t afford the extra expenses it causes. Trust us, monitoring your system is a very important step that no one should not do. Call us today and we will make sure your