Infinity® Heating & Cooling System

The revolutionary Infinity® heating and cooling system from Carrier is the ultimate comfort system of the future.

The Infinity® system is so advanced it automatically adjusts for peak efficiency and performance.

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Bay Area HVAC Services

If you are searching for CA HVAC Services in the Bay Area, look no further than Schmitt Heating. We are full service CA HVAC Contractors and we are Diamond Certified. In addition, we are also experts in sheet metal fabrication. We have been building and installing heating systems for over a century. We provide our community with home and commercial comfort solutions that are cost effective, clean, and efficient. Our staff includes expert HVAC technicians, installers, and sheet metal fabricators, as well as design build and sales staff.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Installation,Repair, and Service

We know when the summer months arrive that the Bay Area can heat up. Most of us enjoy this warmer weather, or we wouldn’t be living here. However, for as much as we enjoy the warmer outdoor temps, we also enjoy cool and comfortable living spaces. We are never more fully reminded of this than in moments were our air conditioning stops working as it should. No matter what type of problem your air conditioning unit may be having, we can help. From simple repairs, to maintenance, to installing a whole new unit; we are the go-to guys when your air conditioning has taken a holiday.

Residential and Commercial Heating Installation, Repair, and Service

Thanks to modern HVAC technologies, our homes can be warm and comfortable in the colder months of the year. However, sometimes we take for granted that are homes are warm when the temperatures are frigid outside. If you are having heating problems in your home, we take them seriously and know you want your heat back on and working as soon as possible. Our expertly trained technicians can diagnose the problem and get your home back on its way to heating up in no time. If you need a new furnace, we can recommended which ones might best fit your home’s heating needs and your budget.

Indoor Air Quality

At Schmitt Heating and Cooling, we want to partner with you to improve your home’s indoor air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a study showing that it is possible for the indoor air quality in American homes to be worse than the outdoor air quality. This is scary news and can be credited to dander, pollen, dust mites, and many other foreign particles in your home’s air. When you hire us to help with your indoor air quality we can help you address health concerns you or your family might have with your indoor air quality, such as irritation of the eyes and nose, fatigue and headaches.

For all of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs and questions, call Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning.

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